1)  How long does it take to get a quotation on fixtures ?

We can typical turn a quotation around in 2-3 days if all information is provided, such as prints, models and machine to be used.

2)  What is required to get a quotation?

PDQ would like have the 2D print and 3D model if available; we will need to know the machine and model. What is the desired parts per fixture, and if the fixture will be hydraulic, manual or pneumatic.

3)  What is lead-time on fixtures?

Our Standard delivery on fixtures is 6-8 weeks

4)  What Software is used in the design process?

PDQ fixture designs are done in SolidWorks.

5)  Do I need 3D models and 2D prints for the Design Process?

Yes it is very helpful to have both items as everything is designed in 3D, the 2D prints have the call outs on the datum scheme.

6)  What kind of approval is needed on drawings?

We must have design approval from the customer before material is ordered and the build process starts. We usually have this with a visit by the customer. If this is unavailable then we will have a review over the internet. Once approved and built the 3D model and prints are sent to the customer for their files.

7)  What kind of hydraulic system do I need?

This will depend on what is on your current or new machining center. On horizontals there are overhead hydraulics as well as through the pallet hydraulics, which these would run with a rotary union on the overhead and a coupler or ports on a through the pallet. If none are available then a manual pallet valve with an offline pump is used.

8)  Can I add air part detection to the fixture?

Yes this is not a problem for PDQ to incorporate this into the fixture. You will need to control this with the machine controls.

9)  Does PDQ test the fixture before delivery?

PDQ does require sample parts before delivery of fixture; this allows us to check clearance and clamping. It also allows us to clamp the fixture for 24 hours to check the hydraulic system.

10)  Does PDQ want the customer to review the fixture when completed?

While not required we always encourage the customer to visit PDQ to review the fixture before shipment. This allows the customer to see how the parts fit on the fixture and how the fixture functions.

11)  Are your terms and conditions available?

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