We have six full-time mechanical design engineers working solely on fixture design.  PDQ has an eleven seat SolidWorks subscription (shared with our sister company PDQ Tooling, including several SolidWorks Premium seats for FEA and other higher level engineering calculations.  PDQ has the engineering capacity to complete all designs in-house and will not outsource your design to third party engineering firms.  (However, PDQ doesn’t have an issue building to a customer supplied design if it has been previously built and proven out).  Once the fixture is built, complete design models and detail drawings are available to the customer in native SolidWorks format or an exchange format of their choosing.

Upon receipt of order, your project will enter the queue in our engineering department.  Once the designers reach your project in the queue, you may be contacted for more information.  If your RFQ was thorough enough, you may be contacted once the preliminary design is completed.  The preliminary design will show all locators, clamps, retention devices, and tool clearances (assuming tool drawings are supplied).  Customers will need to carefully review and recommend changes before the design is completed.  A video conference or Go-To-Meeting between the customer and designer is recommended.  Once the design is approved it will be finished up and released for build.