Our team of six experienced engineers will provide the customer with a preliminary design concept.  The customer has final say on the design before the fixture is built.  Each customer has their own preferences with respect to fixture design, and PDQ is willing to accommodate any requested changes. The build process is completed almost entirely at PDQ’s facility.  We only outsource some specialized heat treat/coatings. Operator loaded fixtures are designed for easy part placement and retention. Detail prints and models are always made available to the customer.  PDQ does not withhold any design information related to your project. Rare occurences of defective workmanship and premature part failure are covered by our two-year warranty.


Part Type:  Tractor Frame

Machining Center:  HMC – 1600mm x 1200mm Pallet Size

One of the largest ever built at PDQ, this OP10 fixture ran multiple frames with no changeover.

Part Type:  Loader Bracket

Machining Center:  HMC – 1050mm x 1050mm Pallet Size

This OP10 bracket fixture holds two different parts and allows machining from both sides via windows in the t-stone.


Part Type:  Differential Gear Carrier

Machining Center:  VMC – 1,530mm x 660mm Table Size

This OP10 fixture uses three custom chucks to locate on the core of the casting.

Part Type:  Brake Caliper Bracket

Machining Center:  VMC – 940mm x 520mm Table Size

This OP20 fixture locates and clamps on previously broached features. This fixture features modular nests for quick change between part models.

Part Type:  Differential Gear Case

Machining Center:  VMC – 900mm x 430mm Table Size

This OP30 fixture uses a custom three jaw chuck to clamp on the turned flange diameter. Use of the chuck allows for low cpk on critical true position tolerances.

Part Type:  Engine Flywheel

Machining Center:  HMC – 500mm Pallet Size

This modular OP10 nest fits onto a reciever t-stone. Hydraulic circuits connect via auto-coupler so no oil is lost during changeover.

Part Type:  Yoke Shaft

Machining Center:  HMC – 630mm Pallet Size

This OP40 fixture located and clamped on a spline diameter using a custom OD collet mechanism. An cam driven top plate places work supports in critical areas.

Part Type:  Differential Gear Carrier

Machining Center:  HMC – 630mm Pallet Size

This OP10-OP20 fixture clamped on cast tabs and allowed the carrier to be machined from all four sides.

Part Type:  Cooler Housing

Machining Center:  HMC – 500mm Pallet Size

The OP10 nest on this fixture located on the core of the casting with two posts that swung out for loading.

Part Type:  Cylinder Head

Machining Center:  HMC – 500mm Pallet Size

This OP10-OP20 fixture was designed for a high-volume automated cell.


Part Type:  Magnet Frame

Machining Center:  Vertical Turning/Milling Center

This OP10 fixture uses two custom 2+2 chucks to locate and clamp a large weldment.