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HMC Pallets


PDQ has built pallets for many different machine tool makes and models, and we can reverse engineer from a customer supplied sample if we don’t already have the design. Our pallets have surface ground tops and meet or exceed factory tolerances. All pallets are validated on our Zeiss CMM. Please contact us to check stock or to see if we already have a design ready for your machine.

HMC Pallets - Drilled and Tapped Top Surface
HMC Pallets - Surface Ground Tops

Hydraulic Units


Our standard floor pump features a case oil cooler, two or four solenoid valves, independent flow and pressure control for each solenoid valve, screw-on oil filter, and many other standard options. Pumps come wired for your machining center, and an optional PLC is available if M-Codes don’t provide enough control.

Hydraulic Units
Floor Pump | Hydraulic Units

PDQ also offers an on-demand pump featuring PLC control standard and German manufactured hydraulic components.  Please call us for pricing and available stock.

PLC Pump Controllers - PDQ

Prototype Machining


PDQ assists you with your most challenging prototype machining. We have the equipment and experience to machine complete and inspect your preproduction products. We can assist you either onsite or we can machine your prototypes in our facility. PDQ has an extensive pool of resources at our disposal including a Zeiss CMM and some of the latest in machine tool technology.

Prototype Machining