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PDQ Workholding
PDQ is a modern tool shop specializing in hydraulically-actuated machining center fixtures and custom cutting tools.  The PDQ strategy is to employ the brightest personnel using the newest technologies to provide the lowest Price and quickest Delivery, while maintaining the highest level of Quality. Download The PDQ Quality Policy.

PDQ Workholding was founded in 2010 by six veterans of the workholding industry. In 2014, PDQ Tooling was started as a sister company to PDQ Workholding; this division of PDQ focused on custom cutting tools. Starting in 2019, the Tooling and Workholding divisions combined in order to better support our customers and provide synergistic solutions. PDQ also earned its AS9100D certification in 2019 to expand into the aerospace industry. Download PDQ’s AS9100D Certification.

Our 60,000 sq-ft facility is located about 20 miles west of Fort Wayne in Columbia City, Indiana. There were only a handful of machines on our shop floor when we started business in 2010, but the constant need to increase capacity has filled it up. You can also take a look around by taking our Google Tour.

Although a good portion of our work is still domestic, we regularly ship fixtures and cutting tools to Thailand, South Africa, and Mexico.  We’ve also built fixtures for projects that are currently running parts in Canada, China, India, Brazil, and Argentina.  Our product is on almost every continent in the world.  We have extensive experience working with customers from Mexico; two of our designers are fluent in Spanish, and we take regular trips to Mexico to visit and support our customers there.

Our goal at PDQ is to provide our customers with the best possible solution to make their project go as smoothly as possible.  We stand behind our work and will support our customers if issues arise at any phase of the project.  Lean operating practices and short chain of command allow us to react quickly and effectively.

Hydraulically-Actuated Machining Center For Fixtures And Cutting Tools
Custom Tooling Systems

PDQ Staff Contacts

Jerry Busche – President – jerry@pdqwh.com

Nick Scheumann – General Manager – nscheumann@pdqwh.com

Karen Harpel – Chief Financial Officer – kharpel@pdqwh.com

Kristi VanWagner – Controller – kristivanwagner@pdqwh.com

Jeff Likes – Sales – jlikes@pdqwh.com
Bill Harris – Assembly – bharris@pdqwh.com
Jared Sparks – Engineering – jsparks@pdqwh.com
Matt Elliott – Engineering – melliott@pdqwh.com