Hydraulic Unit Overview

Pump assembly and valve stack are high quality components made by Hawe in Germany.

The base unit includes two solenoid valves. It can be expanded to four or more depending on application. Manifold pressure is adjustable for high pressure (5000psi) or low pressure (1000psi) fixtures. This manifold PRV is included on base model pump.

PDQ’s hydraulic unit is designed to run the pump motor only when it senses a drop in manifold pressure. So, the pump motor only comes on during clamp and unclamp.

Up to 60% lower energy usage versus continuously running pumps. This added efficiency reduces oil temp and allows the hydraulic unit to have a smaller tank and smaller overall footprint.

A large capacity accumulator is included on the base model pump to keep on/off cycles to a minimum.

Overhead Integration
for Horizontal Machining Centers

This is a 4×4 System. The 8-port central rotary union is provided by PDQ.

Each pallet has 4 ports available. Standard configuration is clamp, unclamp, and air detect with one spare. Ports are all rated at 5000psi, so alternate hydraulic configurations are possible.

Fixture rotary unions to be provided by the fixture builder, but can be added as an option.

All fittings and hoses from the fixture through the central rotary union to the hydraulic unit are included with the purchase of this system.

Our overhead hydraulic system is designed with minimal modifications to the HMC’s sheet metal for a factory look.

The central rotary union is kept low profile to avoid interfering with the travel of the machining area door.