Carbide Tool Manufacturers

Carbide tool manufacturers create solid and indexable tools using robust edges that stand up to the test of time. PDQ can help you make the right cut with help from manufacturing to installation.

Why use a Carbide Tool

Carbide tools withstand the wear and tear of metal and woodworking. Fast-paced manufacturing environments, whether in a factory, machine shop, or maintenance center, require lasting tools to keep running without delay.

Over the past decades, carbide tools, bits, and edges improved the lifespan of tools. This lowered costs over the long run.

Types of Carbide Tools

There are many ways to experience the benefits of carbide components. Your choice depends on your needs.

The types of carbide tools available include:

  • Strong metal carbides such as tungsten or titanium
  • Non-metal carbides such as silicon

Metalworking demands durable solutions. Electronics manufacturing requires flexibility. Each tool fits a specific range of tasks.

Experienced Carbide Machine Shop

No matter which tasks your shop works on, you need a partner capable of creating the best tools. Experience, knowledge, and a capable engineering team all matter.

PDQ, founded by industry veterans, offers over ten years of experience in creating metalworking and woodworking tools. We fall into the strong metal side of the carbide equation.

Modern Manufacturing Partner

Crafting tools that cut into solid materials need to be robust and capable. Scientific advancements continually provide machines that perform ever-more precise cuts and complex maneuvers.

PDQ continues to invest in our factory floor. We do not rest on our laurels with new or improved CNC machines, lathes, and mills using upgraded workholding machines and fine-tuned edges. We practice what we preach to give you a cutting edge.

How do I know my cutting tool partner offers a quality product?

Our commitment to quality shows in our AS9100D certification. This ISO standard requires an extreme attention to detail, a solid quality assurance program, and an extremely limited number of defects.

This certification includes the well-known ISO 9001 requirements in addition to passing a long and drawn out series of audits, completed every three years. We continually identify and rectify defects in our manufacturing processes to retain our accreditations.

Cost Savings from Outsourcing

Using businesses such as ours with a commitment to quality generates savings. Outsourcing your machine shop needs can save up to 25 percent over building a shop in house.

Our commitment to quality and advancement allows us to deploy economies of scale as well. The carbide tools and inserts we create are built to last. The typical tool has a five to ten year lifespan depending on use.

Partnering with Carbide Tool Manufacturers

Partnering with quality carbide tool manufacturers offers a serious advantage to your business. There is nothing worse than inefficiency and inconsistency. Rejected products and parts add cost and time in increasingly demanding industries.

Carbide Tool Manufacturers at PDQ: Guiding You Through Every Step

PDQ consultants are here to help you experience the benefits and cost savings that carbide tools offer. From design to manufacturing and installation, we are able to help throughout the entire process. Get in touch for a free quote today.

Carbide Tool Manufacturers