Custom Tools

Manufacturers demand the most from their machines. You need to get working quickly. Custom tools provide the ultimate solution for complex tasks.

Custom Cutting Tools in Manufacturing

Mills and lathes are expensive machines. The lowest end five axis system costs between $200,00 and $500,000. Such expenses justify creating versatile solutions that are perfect for almost any job.

Attaching custom cutting tools to your lathes and mills is possible. Machine shops help customers achieve high levels of precision and accuracy by crafting custom cutting tools for their equipment.

Cost of Custom Cutting Tools

The cost of custom, non-standard, equipment varies depending on the task at hand. Simple tools cost nearly nothing while highly intricate designs may cost in the thousands of dollars.

High-end costs tend to come with more intricate manufacturing processes. How much you spend is entirely up to you.

Designing and Building Custom Tools

The design and manufacture of any tool is expensive. Computer numerical cutting machines turn blueprints into the perfect piece of equipment.

Since most tools use carbide-composite materials, they require durable machinery to produce. A team of highly skilled engineers or machinists is also required. We demand the same quality of our machines that you do in creating your own products.

Using a Machine Shop

Outsourcing tasks saves businesses up to 25 percent of their costs. With cutting machines ranging in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, cutting tool production is a common task to outsource.

The days of maintaining large rooms for sharpening devices and crafting the perfect edges are largely gone. A machine shop can help you thrive without adding significant overhead.

PDQ offers distinct advantages for manufacturers. We help customers in every step of the process from design to manufacturing and installation. You do not need to worry about the logistics behind the perfect edge.

How long will my custom tool last?

Your custom tools should last, especially if you need help producing indexable inserts. The perfect partner should be able to help you eliminate weak points and design components around all of your tasks.

Custom tools last between four and ten years depending on the type. Indexable inserts have a longer lifespan. Our experienced engineers strive to create robust, durable, and long-lasting cutting tools.

Blueprint Creation

To ensure that your custom tool has a long shelf-life, we offer our expertise to our customers. Our engineers can return requirements into designs, ready for our CNC machines.

We can start with your ideas or help improve your own blueprints. A second set of eyes is always helpful, especially when those eyes deal with tool manufacturing every day.

Manufacturing Custom Tools

Custom tools create efficiency and quality, eliminating errors where possible and allowing you to never compromise. You can benefit from custom tooling without the cost of building out your own manufacturing center.

Elevate Your Projects with PDQ's Custom Tools Services

PDQ offers a full range of services from blueprint design to manufacturing and even installation. Let us calibrate success with specialized cutting tools. Visit our website for a free quote.

Custom Tools