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Indexable Tools

Indexable Tools

Types of Indexable Tools

At PDQ Workholding, we understand the importance of precision and efficiency in manufacturing. Indexable tools, with their replaceable cutting edges, are central to our lineup of solutions. Let’s dive into the various types that are crucial in modern machining.

Turning Inserts

Designed for lathe operations, these inserts come in various shapes and grades to suit different materials and applications.

Milling Inserts

Our milling inserts can handle a wide range of materials and milling operations, from face milling to contouring.

Drilling Inserts

For precision drilling, these inserts ensure high performance and reliability.

Boring Inserts

When it comes to enlarging holes or fine-tuning diameters, boring inserts provide the accuracy needed.

Threading Inserts

Creating internal and external threads is streamlined with our threading inserts, available for various thread forms.

Benefits of Indexable Tools

Indexable tools bring numerous advantages to machining operations, aligning perfectly with our commitment to quality and efficiency at PDQ Workholding.


Replacing worn inserts instead of the entire tool body results in significant cost savings.

Tool Life

With the ability to rotate or replace inserts, tool life is extended, reducing downtime.


Quick insert changes minimize machine idle time, enhancing productivity.


A single tool holder can accommodate various insert types, making them adaptable to multiple applications.

Factors to Consider When Selecting Indexable Tools

Choosing the right indexable tool requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure optimal performance and lifespan.

Material Being Machined

The workpiece material significantly influences the choice of insert grade and geometry.

Cutting Speed and Feed Rate

Optimal cutting conditions depend on the insert’s ability to withstand specific speeds and feeds.

Tool Holder Compatibility

Selecting the right tool holder ensures that the insert is properly supported for the task at hand.

Chip Control

Effective chip control is crucial for maintaining surface finish and preventing tool damage.

Maintenance and Care of Indexable Tools

Proper maintenance is critical for maximizing the performance and longevity of indexable tools.

Proper Storage

Tool holders and inserts should be stored in a clean, dry place to prevent corrosion and damage.

Cleaning and Inspection

Regular cleaning and inspection help identify wear or damage early, preventing failure.

Replacing Inserts

Timely replacement of worn inserts ensures consistent machining quality and prevents tool damage.

Popular Brands and Manufacturers of Indexable Tools

We pride ourselves on partnering with leading brands in the industry, ensuring that our customers have access to the best tools available.

  • Sandvik Coromant
  • Kennametal
  • Seco Tools
  • Mitsubishi Materials

Latest Advancements in Indexable Tool Technology

The world of indexable tools is constantly evolving, with new technologies enhancing their performance and capabilities.

Coating Technologies

Innovative coatings extend tool life and enhance performance in challenging materials.

Carbide Grades

New carbide grades provide improved toughness and wear resistance, suitable for a wider range of applications.

Chipbreaker Designs

Advanced chipbreaker geometries improve chip control, particularly in difficult-to-machine materials.

Tool Geometries

Enhanced tool geometries offer improved cutting action and surface finish, reducing the need for secondary operations.

At PDQ Workholding, our focus on leveraging the latest in tooling technology, including indexable tools, ensures that we can offer our customers the most advanced and efficient machining solutions. Our dedication to quality, combined with our expertise in design and manufacturing, positions us as your go-to partner for all your workholding needs.

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