Custom Tooling Systems

Custom tooling systems are among the best ways to achieve quality and control in a manufacturing or maintenance environment. PDQ provides the people and power you need to ensure maximum output with minimum output.

Why do companies need custom tools?

Manufacturers operate on tight margins. Outsourcing stripped the capability for error. Businesses need to thoroughly understand their advantages and reduce inefficiencies to survive.

Custom tools let you build assembly lines that fit your needs. There is no fudge factor. Everything is exactly as it should be. Companies use custom tools to avoid manipulating equipment into place for every cut, introducing guesswork and the potential for a disaster.

Achieving the Perfect Precision and Accuracy

Custom tools are meant to perform work that catalog items cannot. Customers choose to submit blueprints for our custom tooling systems when they want to create the best possible product.

The tools you use create consistency. Creating your offers the potential to reduce error to nearly nothing. Workholding tools and cutting tools stand at the perfect angle.

Who provides custom tooling systems for use?

Crafting a custom tool requires an extensive network of experts and specialized equipment. Computer-aided design controls hefty equipment that works with some of the toughest materials possible.

Machine shops are the perfect partners to outsource tool-building. PDQ has the people, equipment, and power to build and help design industry-specific cutting tools.

Designing the Perfect Blueprint

Everything starts with the best possible blueprint. You need to drill down to the exact millimeter for each component that goes into a cutting tool.

Every part needs to combine in an efficient and fluid blur. The slightest miscalculation cascades to your products. Blueprint generation is not for the inexperienced. Companies task highly skilled engineers with tool building.

Custom Cutting Tool Partner

There is no need to build your own engineering and design team from the ground up. Our experts pour over blueprints to build cutting tools that deliver. We help clients from requirements gathering to installation.

We take logistics, engineering, and manufacturing from the hands of our clients and place your needs in the hands of our highly trained and experienced professionals. You hit the ground running on day one with minimal effort.

Cost of a Custom Tool

Custom tools may seem expensive but they are more within reach than most realize. You can always take on simple tool creation yourself for nearly nothing. More complex efforts requiring intricate maneuver are within reach as well.

A custom tool ranges from 3% to 6% of your top-of-the-line costs. Improvements in efficiency, coupled with a strong quality control process, can save you as much as 25 percent. There is a definitive return on investment.

Custom Tooling Systems

Custom tooling systems are among the best ways for manufacturers building highly unique products to improve efficiencies. Every cut corner increases the likelihood of rejecting a finished product.

Custom Tooling Systems: PDQ's Approach to Flawless and Efficient Manufacturing

Manufacturers need to produce. PDQ helps companies achieve high levels of accuracy with tools that remove guesswork. Get in touch with our professionals today.

Custom Tooling Systems