Workholding Fixture Design

Workholding fixture design should be the prerogative of experts. Let PDQ be your partner in the design and creation of the holding tools you need to thrive.

What are workholding tools?

Precision and accuracy are key to producing quality products that you need to compete in the cutthroat world of manufacturing or maintenance. The slightest error, even a millimeter off, can mean the difference between remaking and shipping or installing what you make.

Workholding tools ensure the highest degree of accuracy, firmly gripping components with little movement. This allows you to make the same cut every time, reducing costs when combined with robust quality assurance programs by up to 25 percent.

Types of Workholding Machines

These machines, while somewhat flexible, are not one-size fits all. Instead, you need to find the best tool for your tasks. Workholding equipment must be robust enough to hold heavy components and withstand intense vibrations and shocks.

These machines come in various sizes and shapes as well. Four axis square-base tools are perfect for free standing machines while five axis holding equipment allows you to cut round components with ease.

Designing the Perfect Holding Equipment

Once you decide on the base you need, you need to create the actual machine. Most workholding tools in manufacturing are vices or clamps. Hydraulics let you fine tune the amount of pressure with ease while stabilizing parts when cutting.

PDQ consultants gather requirements and help you know exactly what to build. Never feel alone when building out your assembly and maintenance areas. An expert shop gets the job done the first time.

Knowing the Pressure You Need

A major part of creating the best equipment is knowing the exact pressure required to hold components in place. Workholding tools can exert pressure up to 5000 pounds, holding up to 1500 pounds.

Too much pressure destroys delicate parts. Too little and expensive heavier pieces fall to the ground. Pressure is another area a consultant can help you navigate, finding the perfect amount of force for any project.

Finding the Perfect Machine Shop Partner

Designing equipment is tough. The perfect machine shop partner eliminates guesswork, reduces cost through economies of scale, and gets you running on the first day. You are left with no guesswork, no hassle, and the help of expert craftspeople.

At PDQ, we strive to offer the best parts and service possible. Our consultants are with you from day one to help you from contact to installation. We perform the hard work so you can do the hard work of manufacturing the best possible products.

Optimizing Manufacturing with Superior Workholding Fixture Design

The best workholding fixture design allows you to cut costs, reduce errors, improve time to market, and manufacture to near perfection. Efficiencies allow you to compete and these machines are perfectly tuned for your manufacturing processes.

End-to-End Solutions in Workholding Fixture Design by PDQ

PDQ helps companies build the right tools for the job from the time you contact us to the time we install your new workholding machine. Get in touch with us today for a free quote.

Workholding Fixture Design