Indexable Tooling

Since machines and tools for manufacturing and maintenance are costly, indexable tooling is highly desired. Consultants at PDQ can help you find the perfect set of indexable tools, inserts, and parts for nearly any process.

What is an indexable tool?

Cutting and milling tools are a serious investment of capital. A single entry-level, five-axis machine costs as much as $500,000. Even a cheaper device will set businesses back $200,000.

Machinists use indexable cutting tools on milling machines, turning machines, and lathes for threading, boring, parting, and hole making. They offer advantages over solid tools that keep your assembly line flowing.

Do indexable tools last longer?

Imagine buying an expensive tool knowing that it will leave production from time to time for maintenance or need to be replaced. Inevitably, you would need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment to remain functional.

A particularly useful capability of Indexable tools is their replaceable cutting heads or rotatable cutting heads. You can swap out the cutting components for sharpening or to offer more or less cutting capability. You can also switch to an unused cutting edge.

How often do indexable tools need to be replaced?

While indexable cutting inserts require less maintenance and perform operations more efficiently than their solid peers, they do have a shelf life. These parts last between three and ten years depending on the complexity of the task.

The average shelf life of a solid tool is nearly equivalent to indexable cutting equipment. This means that you gain a powerful advantage. Nearly every indexable tool can be repaired at a cost savings of 50 to 70 percent.

Custom Indexable Tool Creation

As with any tool, you need to ensure that there is very little room for error. Being off by a millimeter can reduce the quality of a product to the point where it is rejected.

Machinists need the best possible equipment and this often means creating custom indexable cutting tools. Equipment that eliminates guesswork and workarounds produces the best possible results.

Design, Manufacturing, and Installation Tool Partner

Creating a unique piece of equipment requires skill and training. Engineers and machinists with years of experience design blueprints to match the needs of manufacturers. The slightest mistake poses the risk of rejection.

PDQ provides the consultants and people with the power to increase efficiency. We help clients from requirements gathering to installation. You do not need to worry about the logistics and creation of tools and parts or the purchase and maintenance of more machinery.

Achieving the Benefits of Indexable Tooling

Indexable tooling offers significant advantages over their solid peers. You gain the ability to rotate cutting heads while replacing them when they need to be sharpened. With a serious return on investment, there is no need to avoid adding indexing to your assembly lines.

PDQ can help you find the perfect cutting solution for your needs. Our experts help clients throughout the entire tool manufacturing process. Get in touch to find out how we can help you craft the perfect indexable inserts and tools.

Indexable Tooling