Cnc Workholding

CNC workholding is one of the most important yet little thought of manufacturing tasks. PDQ takes care of the machinery behind this vital task so you can thrive.

Surviving in a Modern World

Manufacturing is a difficult task, requiring precision, accuracy, and cost efficiency at an unprecedented level. Competition at home and abroad remains stiff. You must produce the best possible product at the lowest possible price to survive.

One proven way to improve revenue and increase profits is to become more efficient and consistent. Proper quality control reduces loss by as much as 25 percent while instilling trust among customers.

How Workholding Fits

CNC machining and workholding machines ensure that your products are always optimized. They stabilize often heavy components, improving precision and helping employees build the best possible product while using computerized components to control cuts.

The combination of workholding and computer offers you a leg up. You get the same cut at the same location within a miniscule margin of error every time.

Tools hold up to 1500 pounds rigidly in place with ease. The vices, clamps, and other devices used in these processes are immeasurably different from those most consumers are used to.

Workholding and Machining

Machining parts requires the ability to hold the toughest components in place for long periods of time. This requires an immense amount of pressure.

The typical machine exerts up to 5000 pounds of force with ease. Even the toughest components are stable with the right equipment.

Components of a Holding Tool

PDQ machines fit into a wide variety of spaces. Holding tools consist of several simple components.

These include:

  • The t-plate the device sits on with holes to install onto a table
  • Bolts to hold a holding machine in place
  • The machine itself

Heavy manufacturing requires tough solutions. Hydraulic workholding machines, despite being somewhat large, are up to the task.

Can I use a worhoding machine on oddly shaped parts?

Holding devices are not one size fits all. However, special machining shops carry multiple types of tools and can help you find or build the perfect piece of equipment.

PDQ offers consulting services. Our engineers and tea travel to sites to assess needs and install the exact equipment you need. We understand that any tool is a major expense and want you to be satisfied with your choice.

Cost of a Holding Tool

Workholding equipment costs thousands to tens of thousands of dollars depending on the material you need to cut. Computer controlled cutting is used in many industries.

Planning is a major part of any business, allowing you to write off expenses and finely tune costs. We offer free quotes from an experienced team of professionals.

CNC Workholding for the Modern World

CNC workholding allows you to get the perfect cut every time. There is no need for guesswork, reducing rejection rates and helping you compete.

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Cnc Workholding