Indexable Tools

Indexable tools deliver. PDQ helps customers seeking advantages in cutting increase efficiency and reduce costs with interchangeable cutting heads and indexable tools in fast-paced environments.

Why are indexable tools cost effective?

Solid cutting tools came into existence with the advent of steam engines. They are single use devices that must be replaced regularly due to wear and tear. They also tend to be more commonly used for grinding than cutting.

Indexable tools, on the other hand, use cutting inserts. Machinists remove worn heads, rotating to a new edge, sharpening, or replacing them. These tools often rotate to give access to more edges.

The overall cost savings when needing to replace a head can be as much as 50 to 70 percent over the expense of replacing a solid tool. There is a measurable impact on your bottom line.

How do indexable tools work?

Indexable tools perform exactly the same tasks as a solid tool but with a holder for edges. Technicians ensure that the blades are up to cutting metal, rotating as needed.

Where solid equipment lasts for up to four years, indexable cutting tools last much longer. Lifespans range up to ten years in high-use environments, longer in less intense environments.

Cost of an Indexable Tool

Cutting tools with replaceable heads pose a more significant up-front investment. However, the ability to outlive their solid peers and a reduced cost of maintenance create a return on investment.

Tool costs comprise three to six percent of top-of-the-line costs. Customizability adds to the expense but also helps improve quality and efficiency by reducing the number of rejected products.

Are there tasks where solid cutting tools are better?

While the benefits outweigh the costs, there are tasks where solid tools are the only option or are more appropriate. Not every task has a qualifying indexable component.

Tool holders use inserts starting at three-quarters of an inch with common two and three inch diameters. Solid tools have starting diameters as low as one half of an inch.

Detailed tasks and businesses performing more seldom cuts may want to reconsider use. However, replaceable tools are ideal for most high-use shops.

Obtaining the Perfect Tool

As with all equipment, precision and accuracy matter. The best cutting equipment eliminates the need for guesswork which can mean obtaining custom machinery. This may mean creating your own equipment from scratch.

PDQ providers consultants and machinists who help with requirements gathering, manufacturing, and installation. We can help you find the perfect solution or build the perfect cutting equipment from a blueprint.

Indexable Tools

For the right manufacturers, indexable tools offer longevity. They can also keep production lines flowing without the need to send expensive equipment out for sharpening and maintenance. For these businesses, there are serious returns on investment.

Indexable Tooling: PDQ's Key to Effective and Efficient Cutting

PDQ provides any company with the power to start cutting effectively and efficiently. We can help you obtain the perfect tools for your manufacturing tasks. Get in touch with our consultants today to find out if indexable tools are right for you.

Indexable Tools