Custom Cutting Tools

Custom cutting tools lie at the heart of almost every unique manufacturing process. Companies striving for significant improvements in efficiency and a reduction in their rejection rate rely on cutting equipment built to the specifications they need. PDQ can help.

Are custom cutting tools worth the cost?

Quality control processes and the equipment to properly manufacture products can return as much as 25 percent on investment for as little as a 3 to 6 percent impact to top-of-the-line investment costs. The reasons are easy to see in unique processes.

Standard, catalog, cutting inserts and equipment handle a specific range of cuts fairly well. However, there is always room for error. Businesses operating on the margins often need to find ways to make such options work.

Customized tools eliminate the need for intuition, guesswork, and jerry-rigging in your machine shops. Edges are created specifically for your needs, eliminating complexity and increasing precision and accuracy. Products come out much more consistently.

What types of custom tools are available?

There are many ways to improve your product acceptance rates. Your tools must be held. Your cuts must be precise. Your machines must be durable and robust.

Among the most common customizable cutting tools types, including:

  • Four-axis workholding equipment
  • Five-axis workholding equipment
  • Custom cutting edges and inserts

Custom cutting sizes depend on your needs and existing equipment. Larger lathes and indexing cutters require larger tools. Precise cuts with low error tolerance require intricate designs.

Workholding Equipment that Works

Workholding tools do exactly what they sound like. They hold items in place for cutting. In manufacturing environments, this requires heavy duty solutions capable of holding weighty components.

Custom hydraulic workholding stations complete with made to fit base plates, holding equipment, and plates make building out your workshop simple. Five-axis stations are perfect for indexable cutting tools and more unique needs.

Cutting Tools Built to Order

Custom cutting tools themselves range in complexity from spiral blades to edges. Anyone with an indexable cutting tool understands the long-term benefit that these machines offer.

PDQ has the capability to design, manufacturer, ship, and even install inserts of almost any shape. You can make the perfect cut every time.

Help Building the Perfect CNC Machinery

Computer numerical cutting tools are flexible. However, they do require the right tools to work. Engineering the right cutting edges and workstations requires knowledge and skill.

Our consultants can handle every part of the process. We help clients design equipment, build it, and take care of the logistics behind the scene. Nothing is more important to us than getting you running from day one.

Reaping the Reward of Custom Cutting Tools

Custom cutting tools help manufacturers produce consistent quality cuts in fast-paced environments. Manufacturing, maintenance, and metalworking are tough industries that demand tough tools.

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Custom Cutting Tools