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Cutting Tool Manufacturers

Cutting Tool Manufacturers

Types of Cutting Tools

As part of PDQ Workholding’s commitment to offering comprehensive machining solutions, understanding the variety of cutting tools is fundamental. These tools are pivotal in shaping and creating precise designs on different materials, aligning with our goals of efficiency and quality.

End Mills

End mills are versatile cutting tools used in milling applications to create complex parts with precision. Our facility relies on them for detailed work on various materials.


Drills are essential for creating cylindrical holes, and at PDQ Workholding, we ensure our drills meet the highest standards of sharpness and durability.


Inserts are replaceable cutting tips typically used in milling, turning, and drilling. Their adaptability makes them a valuable component of our toolkit.


Reamers fine-tune holes to precise dimensions and finishes, an operation we consider crucial for achieving the perfection our clients expect.


Saws are utilized to cut through materials, and our facility is equipped with various types to accommodate all project scales and material types.

Materials Used in Cutting Tools

The choice of material for cutting tools significantly affects their performance and lifespan. At PDQ Workholding, we prioritize materials that offer both durability and precision.

High-Speed Steel (HSS)

HSS is known for its versatility and toughness, making it a standard material for many of our cutting tools, particularly for complex jobs.


Carbide stands out for its hardness and wear resistance, qualities we consider essential for high-performance cutting tools.


Cermets, combining ceramic and metallic materials, offer a balanced solution for high speed and finish quality, aligning with our focus on efficiency and excellence.


Ceramic materials provide exceptional heat resistance, a characteristic we leverage for high-speed cutting operations.


Diamond, the hardest material available, is used in cutting tools for operations requiring utmost precision and minimal wear.

Processes Involved in Cutting Tool Manufacturing

The manufacturing of cutting tools involves several critical processes, each ensuring that the final product meets our high standards of quality and reliability.


Machining shapes the cutting tool from raw materials, a process we meticulously control to achieve the exact specifications demanded by our projects.


Coating tools with materials like titanium nitride enhances their durability and performance, a step we consider crucial for extending tool life.


Grinding ensures the cutting edges are sharp and precise. Our state-of-the-art grinding capabilities allow us to maintain supreme accuracy and performance.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment strengthens the tools, increasing their resilience and lifespan, which directly translates to cost savings and efficiency improvements for our clients.

Quality Control in Cutting Tool Manufacturing

Quality control is at the heart of PDQ Workholding’s operations, ensuring that every tool meets our rigorous standards.


Every cutting tool undergoes extensive inspection to detect any flaws or deviations from the intended design, guaranteeing reliability.

Dimensional Accuracy

We employ precise measuring techniques to ensure that each tool meets the exact dimensional specifications required for its intended use.

Durability Testing

Durability testing assesses how well our tools stand up to prolonged use, ensuring they remain efficient and performant under demanding conditions.

Market Trends in Cutting Tool Manufacturing

The cutting tool manufacturing industry is evolving rapidly, with growing demands for innovation and efficiency.

Industry Growth

The sector is experiencing significant growth, driven by advancements in manufacturing technologies and increasing demands across various industries.


Innovation is key to staying competitive, and at PDQ Workholding, we continuously explore new materials and manufacturing techniques to enhance our offerings.

Global Competition

With the market becoming increasingly global, we remain committed to maintaining our edge through superior quality, quick delivery, and excellent customer service.

Key Players in Cutting Tool Manufacturing

While PDQ Workholding focuses on part holding devices and tooling solutions, we acknowledge and respect the role of leading cutting tool manufacturers in the industry.

  • Sandvik
  • Kennametal
  • Mitsubishi Materials
  • Guhring
  • Kyocera

In conclusion, at PDQ Workholding, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive understanding of cutting tools, the materials that make them, the processes behind their creation, and the rigorous quality control that ensures their performance. This deep knowledge and dedication allow us to support our clients with unmatched workholding and machining solutions.

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