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Introduction to Workholding

At PDQ Workholding, we pride ourselves in pushing the boundaries of precision and innovation in the world of machining. The art and science of workholding encompass a breadth of tools and techniques designed to secure, support, and stabilize workpieces during machining operations. Our mission, built on a foundation of engineering excellence and customer commitment, drives us to deliver state-of-the-art workholding solutions tailored to the demanding needs of today’s manufacturing landscape.

Understanding the Basics of Workholding

Chucks, Vises, and Clamps: These are perhaps the most recognized forms of workholding. Chucks secure round workpieces, vises grip various shapes with precision, and clamps provide versatile holding power for an array of applications. Our portfolio highlights hydraulically-actuated machining center fixtures, which exemplify our focus on delivering innovative solutions in this category.

Collets and Workholding Fixtures: Collets offer high precision for cylindrical workpieces, ensuring uniform pressure and minimal deformation. Workholding fixtures, custom-designed to fit unique workpieces, provide an unparalleled level of stability and accuracy, reflecting our bespoke engineering capabilities.

Indexing Heads and Magnetic Chucks: For operations requiring precision rotation, indexing heads are indispensable. Magnetic chucks, on the other hand, offer quick setup and removal times for ferrous materials, enhancing operational efficiency.

Advanced Workholding Solutions

Vacuum, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic Workholding: These systems offer unique advantages, from the gentle yet firm hold of vacuum systems to the robust and adjustable force of hydraulic and pneumatic solutions. Our hydraulically-actuated fixtures stand out for their reliability and performance, underscoring our expertise in this area.

Modular Workholding: The flexibility of modular systems allows for rapid reconfiguration, supporting diverse machining tasks and reducing setup times. This aligns with our lean operating practices, ensuring we can swiftly adapt to customer needs.

Jigs and Fixtures: Custom jigs and fixtures are tailor-made to guide the tool and hold the workpiece, significantly enhancing precision and repeatability. Our design teams excel in developing these solutions, addressing specific machining challenges with creativity and engineering acumen.

Optimizing Workpiece Stabilization and Positioning

Workholding Accessories: From soft jaws that protect delicate surfaces to precision blocks that ensure exact positioning, accessories play a crucial role in the effectiveness of workholding solutions. Our comprehensive range includes options for every possible requirement, ensuring that your workpieces are perfectly secured and accurately positioned.

Workpiece Stabilization and Positioning: The ultimate goal of any workholding solution is to stabilize the workpiece for machining and position it to exact specifications. Our approaches, grounded in engineering precision and innovative design, guarantee that even the most complex parts can be machined with unparalleled accuracy.


At PDQ Workholding, our dedication to excellence is clear in every solution we provide. From chucks and vises to advanced hydraulic systems and bespoke fixtures, we have the expertise and technology to meet any workholding challenge. Our commitment to quick delivery, competitive pricing, and unwavering quality has established us as a leader in the workholding industry. Located in Columbia City, Indiana, we are proud to offer cutting-edge solutions that enhance machining operations and drive the success of our customers’ projects.

With a focus on innovation, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency, we invite you to experience the PDQ Workholding difference. Let us partner with you to tackle your most challenging machining projects, delivering results that exceed expectations and set new standards in manufacturing excellence.

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