Custom Workholding

Not every task has the perfect machine to fit your manufacturing needs. PDQ provides custom workholding equipment for the toughest needs, offering the support of a professional team from contact to installation.

Are there tasks a workholding machine cannot handle?

Workholding machines are fairly rigid and yet lexibile Each machine handles a specific range of parts. The sizes they handle, however, are not unlimited and have specific limits.

That does not mean you are out of luck. If you find yourself unable to perform the perfect cut, a custom machine may be perfect.

Benefits of a Custom Holding Machine

Holding machines are among the most important in cutting. Precise equipment and a proper quality control process can save you up to 25 percent over the cost of stretching existing tools.

Benefits of using workholding tools include:

  • More accurate and precise cuts
  • Decreasing time to market by reducing rejects
  • Taking the guesswork out of the manufacturing process

You use processes built on precise formulas, especially if using computer numerical cutting. Any deviance from thoroughly researched measurements risks a loss of quality, an issue made more severe when manufacturing errors lead to health and safety issues.

Maintaining Progress

Do not let a lack of available tools keep you from building the perfect product or entering an industry altogether. Custom machine shops help customers create lasting tools for their assembly and repair lines.

From requirements gathering to first use, a good shop works with customers to ensure that their products work. The PDQ team is ready to draft and build to your specifications.

Steps to Custom Machining

Obtaining custom equipment can be daunting, even with a skilled team at your disposal. Specifications must be drafted, prices agreed upon, and shipping arranged. Even after receiving equipment, you need to perform setup and training.

Our team works you through several steps where we:

  1. Gather and build requirements for your machine
  2. Provide a free quote for you to agree upon
  3. Design and draft machines to your requirements
  4. Arrange for shipping and installation
  5. Install the machine on site

Our simple five step process is well researched and ready to serve. We want our equipment to work almost as soon as it arrives. The purchasing process should be simple.

Workholding Solutions for 5 Axis Machines

While we provide common four axis workholding systems, PDQ also provides tools to fulfill more intricate needs. Our circular, five-axis systems can hold cylinders and other oddly shaped components.

All systems are ready to use in high pressure manufacturing environments. Most holding clamps and vices provide up to 5000 pounds of pressure for the most sophisticated milling machines.

Custom Workholding Machines

Unique needs demand unique solutions. PDQ builds custom workholding machines backed by a team to get them installed perfectly. We want you to thrive on your investment.

Do not get left out in the cold or resort to using less accurate cuts. The machine you need is a simple form away. Visit PDQ online and submit your information for a free quote today.

Custom Workholding