Custom Tooling

The right tool for the job is not always available off the shelf. Custom tooling gets you working. PDQ helps you build out your manufacturing and maintenance space with the exact parts for the job.

What is custom tooling?

Common tools require a mass audience to be widely available. Many of the tasks we complete from workholding to packaging only require off-the-shelf equipment.

While it is often possible to work around obstacles, there are times when you need to meet challenging dimensions. Non-standard products require special solutions.

Custom tooling fills the niche need for demanding equipment, purpose-built to handle the ever-increasing demands of modern manufacturing. Jerry-rigging a system to work increases the likelihood that your product fails quality checks.

Industries that Require Custom Tooling

The niches we fill are broader and more diverse than you expect. Most machine shops are capable of handling requirements for almost any customer.

Among the tools commonly produced for industry are:

  • Cutting Dies
  • Foil Stamping Dies
  • Embossing and Debossing Dies
  • Print cylinders
  • Print plates
  • Molds

These are not the only components we can make. Workholding devices and milling machines may require special dimensions. Avoid the anxiety of trying to fit catalog products to your tasks.

Benefits of Custom Tooling

Poor quality assurance raises costs and causes problems. The ability to detect defects allows you to spot inefficiencies, addressing those inefficiencies can save you up to 25 percent of your current costs.

Custom tools improve precision and accuracy. This reduces the number of rejects produced, improving time to market, and improving customer satisfaction. In a highly competitive market, you can gain a leg up.

From Blueprint to Equipment

Once you decide you need a custom tool, the process is simple. Give us a blueprint or allow our consultants to find and create equipment from scratch. We provide help with installation as well as design.

Once a blueprint is created, we take pride in using quality parts to build capable and robust tools. The result is a completely capable device you can use on day one.

Cost of a Custom Tool

Despite the capability to help you save up to 25 percent as efficiency improves, the price of a custom tool may seem daunting. You are flying in the dark, crafting or allowing a machine shop to craft the perfect device.

The overall cost ranges from almost nothing to $10,000. The complexity of your blueprint, size of your tool, and miscellaneous costs such as shipping add to the overall cost. We can help you plan and even write off the total cost with a free quote.

Custom Tooling Machine Shops

Custom tooling gives you the equipment you need to make the best product every time. There is no need for guesswork and an acceptance of a large number of rejects. You can have everything you need to make a quality product in a tough world.

PDQ consultants are ready to help you improve your manufacturing processes. Visit our website, fill out our contact form, and receive your free quote today.

Custom Tooling