Cutting Tool Manufacturers

Cutting tool manufacturers can be the perfect outsourcing partner. The right partner for your business combines a mix of experience and knowledge to help you increase efficiencies and save money. PDQ consultants offer a full-range of services to every client.

What does it take to manufacture a tool?

There are several steps required to build the perfect tool. You need a thorough understanding of what you need combined with the capacity to turn your vision into a reality.

These steps are:

  1. Requirements gathering
  2. Design and blueprint generation
  3. Finding manufacturers capable of crafting your tools
  4. CNC machining
  5. Delivery and Installation
  6. Training

Each step is crucial to your success. Building a custom tool that lasts is not a light matter. Every edge must be thought out. Errors cascade to create rejects.

How does PDQ provide quality tools?

PDQ consultants aim to help clients at every step of the process. Whether you need help with design or a partner that can help you avoid purchasing high-end computer aided design software and CNC machines just for creating cutting tools, we can help.

Our engineers work for a company founded by industry veterans with over ten years of experience. Our tooling and workholding divisions offer everything you need to create the perfect cut.

Constantly Updated Factory Floor

Our manufacturing floor continues to receive improvements. We are not content working with equipment from over a decade ago. More advanced computers and better materials make it nearly impossible to compete using outdated equipment.

Our CNC machines, lathes, and mills are top-of-the-line. We help customers avoid purchasing equipment with price tags in the hundreds of thousands of dollars without sacrificing quality.

Cutting Edge Cutting Tools

The end result of outsourcing cutting tool manufacturing to an established and well-equipped shop such as ours are cutting edge tools without an extreme price tag. Our company achieved the AS9100D certification in 2019, a testament to our commitment to quality.

Companies that outsource save between ten and 25 percent over building in-house. We offer scale, knowledge, and the ability to keep your machine shop operating.

Help from Start to Finish

Getting the help you deserve can be difficult. PDQ offers help at every step of the way, no matter where you need help.

We can turn requirements into blueprints, manufacture tools, deliver, and help install them. Customer satisfaction is the key to our business.

We also help clients save costs by determining the best solution for your business. If an off-the-shelf tool works, we will let you know.

Partnering with Cutting Tool Manufacturers

Cutting tool manufacturers help clients avoid building out expensive in-house machine shops, saving money and reducing the need to train and hire staff. Outsourcing has a definitive return on investment.

PDQ consultants build tools from scratch and help customers understand the full breadth of available solutions. We can help you hit the ground running without soul-searching. Visit our website, browse our services, and get in touch for a free quote today.

Transparency is the key to a workable solution.

Cutting Tool Manufacturers