Custom Workholding Fixtures

Custom workholding fixtures are among the most important tools in the manufacturing and maintenance arsenal today. Anyone looking for a CNC or manual cutting solution, needs the most accurate possible cuts. PDQ consultants are here to help.

How are CNC and workholding related?

Computer numerical cutting uses the help of modern electronics to make the perfect cut. There is nothing worse than programming your equipment only to have your vice or clamp vibrate to the point where you have to throw out the finished product.

Workholding is the less appealing staple of CNC fixturing and workholding. Nothing works if you cannot hold raw material and turn them into flawless finished products.

What is a workholding fixture?

Heavy duty holding requires a workholding fixture, something more than you get from a standard supply company or hardware store. Industrial holding equipment can exert enough force to hold a standard sedan or 1500 pound immobilewhile cutting.

In CNC manufacturing, these fixtures form the base of the cutting machine and are typically sold separately or customized to fit your needs. Since the typical holder is only capable of holding parts in a limited size range, you may need more than one.

Types of Workholding Equipment

Machine shops build fixtures to hold a wide variety of different components from round disks to cylinders and square blocks. As long as you know what you need, PDQ can help you build it.

Common fixtures include four or five axises. Four axis tools secure firmly to a square plate and work in most cases. However, spheres, disks, and tilted products may require a five axis machine.

The five axis machine avoids obstructions to give your CNC process nearly free reign over a cut. Perform complex maneuvers without worrying about working in pieces.

Holding Solutions for Milling Machines

Many tasks require only a horizontal CNC device. Milling machines use vises at either end of their table to hold a workpiece. When standard solutions fail, you may need the help of additional or custom clamps.

Overly long objects require additional tablespace to hold. Large pipes may need more space between the grips of a vice. There are many situations where you need additional help to hold a workpiece firmly in place.

Workholding Consultants

Getting the tool you need requires more than visiting a website. You need to understand the exact amount of pressure required to hold a piece, the size of your equipment, and the space you have available.

PDQ consultants help clients from the time you fill out our form to the delivery of your new workholding tools. We help you gather requirements and plan to get running on day one.

Custom Workholding Fixtures

Not every solution works directly out of the box. Custom workholding solutions stabilize heavy and tough components, helping improve quality and increase efficiency. There is nothing worse than using guesswork for complex CNC work.

PDQ solutions produces sturdy, robust workholding tools for almost any industry. Plan your next project. Get in touch with our team today.

Custom Workholding Fixtures